The three crazy witches!!


This ebook is an unforgettable journey. It describes a magical world with the stories of three very special witches. Can you imagine what might happen to a witch who falls in love… or gets ill… or becomes an astronaut? Well that’s what happens! Matilda falls in love with a statue of a soldier. Pilarca manages to catch an awful flu and she’s run out of tissues, and there’s a witch from Malta who thought she’d gone to the moon when she fell into a cheese. What three disastrous witches! All this and more you’ll find going on in this book which is your ticket to fantasy. I’m ready to take you! Our adventure is ready to begin! May I have your attention please? Please adjust your seatbelts to allow you to enjoy everything more freely. Have your index finger at the ready to turn to the next page because that’s where our adventure begins.

A.S.I.N.: B007CJLIRG   The three crazy witches!

Naos Media Editores, Málaga – España 2012